MVP Institute

Aligned with Mainstay Veterinary Practice’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional veterinary care, we aim to fill a gap in the veterinary industry through our state-of-the-art veterinary assitant training program.

In line with our vision, we have established the MVP Institute, a platform tailored for individuals who possess a deep passion for animals and a thirst for knowledge, even in the absence of prior experience. Through a rigorous selection process, candidates are invited to interview for a 12-week internship program, designed to equip them with fundamental veterinary medical knowledge and practical experience, enabling them to advance their careers in the field.

The internship encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, blending classroom instruction with hands-on training. Through carefully structured modules, participants will acquire essential skills, including effective handling techniques, proficiency in radiology, expertise in phlebotomy, proficiency in laboratory procedures, and more.