Canine Behavior Consult

  • Do you have an anxious pet?
  • Is your dog constantly panting, pacing or hiding?
  • Does your dog display aggressive behaviors?
  • Does your dog bark constantly?
  • Does your pet have separation anxiety?

MVP is delighted to provide 1-hour consultations tailored to your dog’s behavioral needs, conducted by our in-house behavior experts. We have two dedicated doctors deeply invested in addressing canine behavior challenges. While they may not hold board certification in behaviorism, they serve as an excellent alternative for those seeking assistance when certified behaviorists have lengthy waiting lists.

Before scheduling a consultation, our doctors request that you fill out a comprehensive behavior form. This form typically takes around 20 minutes to complete and offers our team valuable insights necessary for a thorough evaluation of your pet’s behavior.

At the appointment, our doctors will review any medication management, if recommended, or behavior modifications and training that can help along with a follow-up plan.