Ultrasound Consent Form

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  • I understand that there is not a specific time for the service, but that I will be given a time range. I understand that I cannot be present for the procedure. I understand the cost of the ultrasound does not include sedation and/or lab fees, if required. I also understand the results may not be available the same day the ultrasound is performed.

    I understand the area of my pet’s ultrasound will be shaved in order to allow adequate imaging. Minor irritation may occur to the skin as a consequence. Hair regrowth generally takes multiple weeks to occur, but can be more prolonged in certain pets.

    In order to help better diagnose an abnormality found on ultrasound, an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirate (FNA) or tissue core biopsy may be recommended. In these cases, an ultrasound is used to guide a small needle into a suspected area of abnormal tissue to obtain cells or tissue for submission to an outside laboratory for analysis. A small amount of bleeding is common with fine needle aspiration and/or biopsy, usually with no further consequences. Severe bleeding seldom occurs, but can rarely lead to serious complications requiring intervention. Therefore, these procedures will only be performed if required for proper diagnosis and treatment.

    I understand that my pet may need to be sedated to obtain a satisfactory quality diagnostic examination or to perform fine needle aspiration.

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